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Jewellery Repair & Design


Bespoke Jewellery

Hand Made

Hand Made JewelleryEvery piece of jewellery we make is manufactured in our own workshop. Whether it is a wedding, engagement or signet ring, a bangle, bracelet or pendant, each piece is individually hand made to match the personal specifications of our customer.

“My wedding ring was made to my own personal design.”

Hand Crafted JewelleryWe can work with any precious metal and stones, maybe even your own from a sentimental heirloom. We then invite you to come and see it and try it before the stones are set so that it truly is a made-to-measure service guaranteeing bespoke perfection.

Bespoke Designs

Some customers bring in magazine pictures or their own sketches, but most people create their personal designs using our powerful CAD system. Working together on screen, and in real time, we can produce, modify and perfect exactly what you’re looking for.

“We created the design I wanted right there on the screen.”

Beautiful RingsWorking from the approved design we will then hand craft it for you. Part of the process can include a wax prototype, which you are able to see before we cast the precious metal or set the stones. Personally designed and individually made for you.

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