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Bespoke Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

Because your wedding is one of the most special days in your life, everything should be just perfect. At Grade A we will make sure your Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring is precisely the one you want. Chosen personally by you. Made personally by us. The ring of your dreams … for your dream day.

Wedding Rings

When you visit Grade A we can show you almost 200 different wedding ring samples offering an amazing choice of metals, profiles, widths, weights and styles. You can choose from a dazzling array of classic bands or create your very own design with that individual touch of a discretely inset jewel or a personalised engraving.

Only after you’ve tried them on, compared them and have arrived at your personal decision will we then manufacture it for you. Made to measure. Made by us. Made exclusively for you.

And if you have any sentimental gold, maybe a legacy from a loved one, then we can incorporate that into your new wedding ring.

Engagement Rings

Call into our showroom and take a look at our exceptional selection of distinctively different engagement rings. There are so many to see yet intriguingly none of these breathtakingly beautiful rings are for sale. They are all expertly created pre-production samples. Every one is available for you to try on, admire, compare and to inspire you as you make your perfect choice.

It is only once you have made your selection that we will manufacture your engagement ring, exclusively for you, in our own workshop.

Nothing could be more personal. Nothing could be more perfect.

‘Any style, any metal, any stones, any budget’
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