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Jewellery Repair & Design

Q. Do I require an appointment to discuss designs?

A. No, just drop in anytime we’re open. Check our Contact Us page for opening times.


Q. I have an image of the ring I want in my mind. Can you work from that?

A. Our CAD system will let you develop your idea on screen, and we can certainly work from that.


Q. I have some old gold, could you use that to create a new ring?

A. That’s no problem; we can melt down and re-cast your gold.


Q. Do you do valuations?

A. Providing insurance or probate valuations is a specialist area that requires formal accreditation and expertise. We do work closely with specialists and can certainly obtain authentic and accurate valuations for you. All our valuations also include pictures and detailed descriptions of the items.


Q. What about Hallmarks?

A. Hallmarks can only be assigned by an official Assay Office, which we can arrange.


Q. I want a special ‘birthstone’ ring. Can you obtain any stone?

A. We can source any stone or jewel and usually show you a package of different sizes, weights and values so you can choose the one you wish to use.


Q. I’d like a signet ring with a special engraving. Can you do that?

A. Yes of course. When we make a signet ring we can engrave initials, symbols and designs etc, as well as incorporating small stones if desired.


Q. I have a diver’s watch; will you be able to ensure it remains watertight after changing the battery?

A. That’s no problem. Our specialist watch repairer is fully experienced with all types and makes of watch.


Q. What if I don’t like the ring after you’ve made it?

A. That won’t happen. We work exactly to the design you’ve chosen and we let you see and approve it at various stages of its manufacture to make sure you’re happy with the progress.


Q. What if I have a limited budget?

A. Our motto is: ‘Any style, any metal, any stones, any budget’. We always design to match available finance.